Summer term and we’re on our travels!

Many of the children will be going away on holiday soon so our theme for this term is journeys. We are going on a journey around Europe visiting Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and Greece. We will learn a bit about the countries we visit and try lots of their delicious food. We will talk about pictures, postcards, artifacts, songs, dances and anything else that the children bring in from the different countries.

Fred the Ted has already started his journey to his friends’ houses. He is a very friendly bear who loves having adventures. He has his own backpack with a camera and notebook in it. A different child will be taking Fred home each day and taking photos of where he has been and what food he has tried at their houses. Fred is a happy lad and doesn’t have to go anywhere special. Just home to play in the garden is a big adventure for our little bear!

We will be having a pirate theme for the last week of term. Lots of pirate dressing-up and activities, including a trip to a desert island garden for treasure hunting and pirate fun. Arrrgh! That week we’ll also have a Red Banana Drama session and an end of year concert and leavers party.

All in all a busy term of fun!