Snack Rota

Rota Duties

Parents/Carers will notice there is a snack rota in operation at Alderton Acorns. Twice throughout the term parents are asked to provide a healthy snack for all the Pre-school children.

The snack can be fruit or savoury and should be pre-prepared unless it is something that will spoil over the morning. We also ask that you set up the snack trolley when you drop off your child, leaving it ready for snack time later that morning.

Parents are also welcome to join in and stay at any session and this is of great help to the staff. An extra pair of hands is always useful Play with your child, take part in a craft activity, read stories or just make a cup of tea for yourself and the staff. There are lots of ways to help and it is a good way to watch your child progress in a different environment.