Pre-School Fees

Pre-School Fees are £4.25 for children aged 3+ and £4.75 for under 3s per hour, per child including lunch club, paid on invoice at the end of each term.   If you are going on holiday, please let Sarah or the Treasurer know in advance (on 07842-161159) or by Email, so that you will not be charged for the sessions missed (maximum of two weeks holiday).  Unfortunately we are unable to make a refund if your child misses a session for any other reason.

Nursery Education Grants

All children become eligible for 15 hours of government funded nursery education from the start of term after their third birthday; which you can choose to split between childcare providers if you use more than one. Please check with the Treasurer to see when your child is eligible.  Grants are paid from the Local Education Authority direct to Alderton Acorns, with fees for any additional hours being payable by invoice at the end of each term.

Depending on your financial circumstances your child may also be entitled to a government funded education grant from 2 years old. To find out whether your child is eligible from 2 years, please contact the Family Information Service on 0800 542 02 02 / 01452 427362.

Please also be aware that all government funded nursery education grants are only available for a maximum of 38 weeks per year and on occasion the school year may exceed 38 weeks.

Forest School Fees

£10.00 per session.

Baby and Toddler Fees

£2 per session for one child, and £2.50 per session for 2 or more children.